From the Editor

After a major time-out, Progressive Democracy has returned.

Originally, there should have been a quarterly issue out on October 1. But the run-up to the November election and the necessity of electing progressives interfered with the preparation of that – then came the holidays and the vital Georgia elections in January – then the attack on the U.S. Capitol – followed by the inauguration. Come to think of it I’m lucky to be getting this published at the beginning of February!

Some of the pieces published now were submitted for the planned earlier publication – I don’t think anything here is out of date however (since we publish perhaps not for the ages but are not reporting the news of the day).

This journal is intended for the intelligent progressive reader. It is not meant to be an academic journal.

The articles in this issue (#43) run from being academic to being those of thoughtful progressives. (And there are poems also.) The first and last piece are reactions to the attempted coup of January 6. In between the topics are public banking, green energy, the history of capitalism (twice), immigration and the great divide in our political life.