Fall Forum on Securing Universal Health Insurance for All Californians

The American Institute for Progressive Democracy

held its Fall Forum

Forging Political Consensus:Securing Universal Health Insurancefor All Californians
Saturday, November 15, 200810:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.at the Alexander Hughes Community Center,Padua Room, 1700 Danbury Road, Claremont, CA 91711
Forum Program and Panelists

California has the unique opportunity to set a standard for the nation in providing affordable universal health insurance. TAIPD's fall forum brought together a distinguished panel from a broad array of perspectives and constituencies to explore how we can form coalitions and alliances to further this effort. The goal was to explore ways to expand the effort to overcome the opposition to implementing affordable universal health insurance in California.

The panel engaged in a discussion addressing the following questions:

  • What main obstacles do you think block achievement of affordable universal health insurance?
  • What do your constituencies have to contribute to overcome these obstacles?
  • What strategies to achieve affordable universal health insurance can we agree upon?

The conversation among the panelists was followed by questions and answers from and discussions with the audience. After that came a break for lunch, provided courtesy of AARP. During lunch, small groups of the audience, together with individual panel members, seated together at a series of round tables, continued the discussion of these three points, and then began to address the issue of what actions should be taken to achieve our goal of attaining an affordable universal health insurance program in California, and in the nation.

Following these luncheon discussions, the conference came together again for the groups to share their recommendations as to future actions that should be taken.

After the event, the findings and recommendations, along with an analysis and action plan will be incorporated into a paper produced for publication by The American Institute for Progressive Democracy and circulated to the media, decision-makers and community organizations to promote action and implementation. A DVD of the substance of the conference will also be available shortly.