2014 Water Conference Videos

Water Scarcity & Solutions: Global to Local Conference March 1, 2014

List of videos of four sessions:

Session I


Session II


Session III


Session IV



Put your cursor on the link, press and hold your Ctrl key down and then Click and after a couple of seconds you will be taken to the video via Internet Explorer. You will immediately hear the video, but may need to click on the Internet Explorer icon on the task bar on the bottom of your screen to view it and then navigate within it to wherever you want to go.


When each video opens, one can simply view the entire session. In addition, at the beginning of each video, there appears on the screen for 1 minute a series of links that will take the viewer directly to the speaker and topic identified in each link. One simply clicks on it. That way someone who wants to view and hear a particular presentation can do so, without wading through the entire session. There is also a link to the Q&A portion of each session. To get back to the beginning, one merely drags all the way to the left the button at the bottom of the screen that tracks where on the video one is.

The videos were produced by the Media Services Department of Scripps College.

Below is the outline of the conference: 

I. Global Water Issues and Climate Change
Heather Williams:

"Enough for All? The Challenge of Ensuring Clean, Safe Water for a Thirsty World"

 Richard Hazlett:

"Pollution, Energy Development and Water Resources: A Global 3-D Nexus of Concern."

​Branwen Williams:

“Implications of the Changing Climate for Future Water Use”

II. The National Water Situation and What To Do About It

Peter Gleick: Keynote Address:

“A 21st Century U.S. Water Policy”

III. A California Overview of Water

Heather Williams:

“The Elusive Quest for Water Reform in California"

Brinda Sarathy:

"An Introduction to the Bay Delta Conservation Plan in the Context of California's Evolving Water Policy"

Henry Barbosa:        

“Water and the Law: Statewide and Southern California Issues”

IV. Southern California Water – Looking for Solutions

Richard Atwater:

“Southern California Efforts to Increase Self Reliance with Local Supplies and Water Conservation”

Char Miller:

“Watershed Commonwealths: A Future for Southern California?”

Ken Manning:

“Groundwater Remediation in the San Gabriel Basin – Progress and Problems”

Richard Boon:

“Integrated Water Management: Changing Paradigm's to Address Today's Storm(Water) Challenges”

Megan Brousseau:

"Our River, Our Story: Environmental Justice and Conservation in the Santa Ana River Watershed"