Our Vision

THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRACY (TAIPD) is committed to strengthening and extending democracy, social justice, economic well-being and peace for all peoples, within the context of environmental and economic sustainability. We do so with the belief that the quality of life, in all of its aspects, can be improved for the vast majority of Americans and for the other peoples of the world.
We envision a collaborative society that seeks to build a community in which individuals accept responsibility for the well-being of all.

Through ideas and policy proposals, we work:

  • to improve the human condition in our country and the world.
  • to renew the American spirit and conscience to provide for freedom from want and fear.
  • to foster hope where there is hopelessness and promote the common good.

Through this humane vision and consequent policy proposals, we intend that our work will enhance the national and worldwide conversation and will inspire actions that will implement this vision and create just and sustainable American and world communities.