Submission Guidelines

Having developed far enough to expand our ‘stable’ of writers to those not on the TAIPD board or connected thereto and so to ask others to submit appropriate material for publication here, it is important to develop and explain guidelines.

The aim of this site is to publish material of a progressive/liberal orientation.   There are several other sites that publish excellent progressive material – but they publish too much too often and a reader must commit a significant amount of time to attending to it all.  So I intentionally limit the number of pieces published in each monthly issue so that a committed reader can immerse themselves in each of the smaller number of pieces, and cannot just peruse them but think about them.  In a similar vein, the articles are to be not long:  I have no word count that I use but I can tell one too long when I see it.  Prospective authors should look at what has been put up here to get some idea of typical length.

This is not intended to be an academic site:  of course some/several writers are academics but the stylistic aim here is to avoid (excessive) academic prose so that a more general audience can appreciate what is being said.

The Institute is a non-profit educational entity.  That means we cannot be partisan.  Hence there must not be reference to American political parties and, usually, to officials or candidates of any party.  Of course, we do have a political outlook and so some reference to what can be found in current American political discussions is inevitable and desirable.  The best technique for avoiding partisanship is to talk about, say, progressives, conservatives, radicals of the right or left and so on.

One of the distinctive features of this site is what is labeled Pithy Polemics:  quite short and typically pungent pieces.  Material is sought for this feature of the publication also.  Check what has been done in the past for effective guidelines.

Do not be hesitant about writing:  if you are worried that what you produce does not have quite the polish you would like, part of the job of the editor is to, if not turn it into gold, make it more fully publically presentable.

Of course, standard don’ts apply:  no crass nastiness, no profanity, no attack ads: just good interesting expressions of the Truth and criticism of positions whose political thoughts are misguided.

Please submit your material to Submissions.

Poetry Submssions

TAIPD is presently calling for submissions of "socially conscious" poetry for the journal.

Submissions are limited to two poems per writer. Poems not used in the current issue will be considered for the Spring issues. Please send your work to as either an attached MS Word Document or embedded in the email. The subject line should read "TAIPD Submission"

Submission closing date for poetry is November 15, 2013.