Issue #6 - From The Editor

I have now been in two OWS/99% demonstrations in two different (medium sized) cities.  One theme, of many, that recurred in both places was opposition to the Supreme Court’s misguided idea that corporations are persons and thus any attempt to control their spending of money on political campaigns would be an infringement of their right to free speech.  Consequently, the effort that TAIPD undertook to produce more public understanding of the Citizen’s United decision, both through its successful forum and through the publication on this site of our analyses of the issues, were important.  We are part of a growing consensus about the deleterious effects on our democratic life of that decision by the Supreme Court and their assumptions. 

What the Board has noticed, however, is that there is no co-ordination in the opposition to the Citizen’s United decision – constitutional amendments around the country are proliferating.  TAIPD thus is trying to organize the separate efforts.  We are proposing a video-conference with some of the major players in order to get groups working together on their efforts to overturn the Supreme Court decision.  We hope to sponsor this with Common Cause and are presently trying to work out the arrangement.  By next issue, we should be able to report progress here.  Stay tuned. 

In this month’s issue we return from our concentration on the Forum and provide new pieces:  on the so-called progressive attachment to big government, on the religious divide in this country between the evangelicals and the liberal branches of Christianity and another installment of the analysis of the Ant and Grasshopper fable.  Be sure to pay attention to the Pithy Polemics also: they are an important feature of this web magazine. 

Barbara Aswad, a member of the TAIPD board, has just published a significant article on the state of  the Arab-American community in the United States taking into account the effects of 9/11 on its members.  See ‘Arab Americans’,  in Race and Ethnicity: The United States and the World, ed. Raymond Scupin, 2nd ed., Pearson Education, Inc.