Issue #5 - From The Editor

The American Institute for Progressive Democracy as well as running this web site also puts on an occasional conference or forum.  We just finished a significant one: on the Citizen’s United decision and the role of corporate money in the American electoral process.   We had co-sponsors:  Common Cause, which provided a well-known name, and the School of Politics and Economics at the Claremont Graduate University, which provided the facility and support.  We would like to thank both organizations for their assistance.

The forum was a smash success: Albrecht Hall at CGU was completely full, with standees along the back and in the doorway, and two overflow rooms completely full with television coverage of the events in the main room.  There were approximately three hundred people present.  The audience ran from high school students and college students with class assignments, townspeople, academics and a sizeable contingent of politically aware senior citizens.

The presenters – the well-known liberal constitutional scholar Erwin Chemerinsky, Common Cause leader Bob Edgar and Heritage Society Fellow Hans von Spakovsky – represented a wide spectrum of views on the issues and engaged in spirited (but civil) discussion.

The proceedings will be available shortly on DVD from TAIPD – check our web site for information.

Nothing TAIPD’s board heard during the forum made us change our minds that Citizen’s United must be overturned by a constitutional amendment.  We are thus offering up a discussion draft for an amendment (published here) and will pursue with other interested organizations how to frame an amendment in detail and how to work for its adoption.   We will also join in pursuing some further legislative moves to alleviate the pain of the Supreme Court decision.  As we work, the web site will provide information on how matters are proceeding.

This issue of the web site is largely given over to responses to the proceedings and further thoughts about Citizen’s United.  We will resume coverage of other topics in the next issue (roughly the end of November.)