From the Editor

This issue of Progressive Democracy features first of all three major essays on economics. While the pandemic destroys lives, health and the economy, that wrecking of our economic system produces an opportunity to remake it in light of global warming and of massive inequality. While the conservatives will fight tooth-and-nail to try to return it to its previous state or even more to rid it of progressive features, we progressives will try to make it responsive to the major problems that have been held at bay by the dominance of conservativism. That is why it is important that we all prepare for the battles ahead by paying attention to what forward-thinking economists have to say. And in the essays here by Norman Clark and Andy Winnick those economic ideas are spelled out.

However, this issue also returns to something missing for a few years from this journal: political poetry. In the early days of the journal a poet and editor supplied us with poems addressed to current politics. However, since his death, we had lost that connection to poetry. A new connection has been made.

Of course, there are other interesting pieces here as well as economic writing and poetry. Do not fail to admire them also.