From the Editor

The country is now in the heart of the season when progressive Presidential candidates are setting our ideas out to the public – the debates (a less desirable way of pushing ideas) and town halls (much more successful at communicating ideas). Sometime before too long (probably not before the next issue of Progressive Democracy) we shall know whether a progressive candidate has captured the nomination of the Democratic Party.

As usual this issue contains several excellent pieces. However, I’d like to call your attention to those writings from our Archives that are being republished here. They are first a reminder of how long now this online journal has been publishing really interesting thoughts and ideas. Secondly, it is also a reminder of how the same issues examined in the past remain alive today in American politics. Both of the pieces reprinted here are from that unique section of Progressive Democracy called Pithy Polemics – not all worthwhile ideas have to be expressed in an essay. On the other hand, Twitter is not the arena where well-crafted ideas are submitted to the public (see those by the Twitter-in-Chief). Incidentally, a collection of those short pieces taken from this journal have been published as Pithy Progressive Polemics (see Amazon Books): they are still worth reading.