How to See Bernie Sanders (MR)

How to See Bernie Sanders (MR)

Bernie Sanders is best understood as today’s American version of an Old Testament prophet. (Note: I talk of the Old Testament here, and not simply the Bible, having come from a Christian background so that it is more comfortable for me to so talk.)

We, as a country and specifically as Democrats, have lost our way, have left the path of righteousness (which would be the road laid out by FDR) and have become lost in the wilderness. He thunders that lesson to us. He then, as a good prophet must, reminds us what we have to do to return to the right path: the 1% must go, we the people must wrest power from them and take charge of our economic (and thus political) lives. We must then seek to live up to FDR’s Economic Bill of Rights.

To say, as Hillary Clinton did, that no one likes Bernie is to misunderstood his role. A prophet does not care whether people like him or not; and the aim is not to get people to like him, but to needle them (us) until they (we) heed the call for reformation.

Bernie can also be seen in another Old Testament context.

Aaron was pressured into surrendering the Israelites’ relation to their traditional god and offering instead a golden calf as the object of worship.

Bill Clinton was led (by the Democratic Leadership Council) to leave the FDR path and produce a golden calf to worship, namely Wall Street. It poured gold into Democratic coffers and led the Democrats away from being the party of the people.

Bernie is like Moses in this version: come to destroy our attachment to Wall Street and remind us of our traditional role as supporters of the 99%.

Final note: prophets rarely make good presidents