Is Trump a Bad President? (MR)

I have long maintained that Trump is the worst President in our history. I no longer will say that. To talk about him being the worst and showing a list of bottom feeders (Buchanan, W., A. Johnson, etc) with Trump at the bottom is wrong. Let me explain.

A friend of mine in grad school pointed out that Hitler was not a very very naughty boy - he does not belong on the list of naughty boys, even at the bottom of it. He belongs on a completely different list - say evil doers. (Philosophers will say that there is a category difference between
naughtiness and evil.)

Something like that applies to Trump. He is not at the bottom of Presidential rankings. He is on some other list. Probably the best thing to call the list is National Disasters: and it includes Pearl Harbor, 9/11, slavery, The Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, Vietnam .... That is the company that Trump keeps and to which he is to be compared.