From the Editor

After an unannounced summer break, Progressive Democracy returns to the fray with a substantial issue (#38 to be exact).

The topics written about in this issue are very various. Most of them are matters of concern, seen from a progressive perspective, that are rarely discussed in the usual journals of progressive thought. That leads me, as editor, to believe that readers of Progressive Democracy are likely to have their political outlook importantly extended by what they read in the journal

And there are readers. In the From the Archives section in this issue, I have republished two pieces on regulations by Ivan Light. As I checked past issues to locate them, I discovered that, according to the counter that we use to track how many people have at least looked at each individual piece we publish, one of the two pieces had over 3500 hits and the other over 2400. Now those are quite impressive numbers - I and Ivan had not realized that over time readers keep checking in on items that we publish here.

In fact, the most read item that we have published is our health care proposal that we (TAIPD) set out prior to Obama's ACA back in 2008. As of today it has registered 30691 readers - a truly astonishing number. (It can be found in the Archives.)

As you read, you can be assured that you are not alone. Perhaps we are even influencers!