From the Editor

Our attempt to redo the entire web site to make it more effective has stalled (lack of money to get a really professional job.) Sorry about that.

The articles in the current issue are vary from the scholarly, especially Clayton Becker’s piece on the effects to date of the prison reform movement in California, to the personal, especially Tad Beckman’s thoughts on how much the social world has changed since he was young and the consequences of that for intergenerational understanding, including political understanding.

The From the Archives section contains two excellent essays by Charles Bayer on the huge split within Christianity between the fundamentalists, who the media portrays as what Christianity amounts to, and those who interpret the religion in a very different way, the social justice Christians. Whether you are a Christian or not, it is important to read these essays to understand current politics.

I think that our readers, no doubt overwhelmingly progressive in their political views, will be able to significantly enrich their understanding of a wide range of issues in American political life by thinking carefully about what the entire set of essays published here have to say.

I only wish that we had by now succeeded in revitalizing the web site – if anyone wants to be a financial angel we would be more than happy to welcome your help.