Notes on Contributors

Notes on Contributors

Charles Bayer has been a pastor and theological professor in the United States and Australia. He and Wendy live at Pilgrim Place Claremont, CA. He currently serves on two not-for-profit boards, writes a weekly widely circulated political column, and is a watercolor artist. He is also a former member of a Claremont City committee dealing with hate crimes and hate incidents.

Clayton Becker is a student at Columbia University studying Economics and Political Science. His main research interests are domestic public policy and electoral design & mechanics.

Tad Beckman is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Harvey Mudd College. With a background in both chemistry and philosophy and a developed involvement in Native American studies, he has recently published five books as Kindle eBooks. He maintains a blog at concerning current politics and political philosophy.

Bob Gerecke (BG), a retired financial administrator, is a frequent contributor to Progressive Democracy making highly original suggestions about how things might be done differently in our economy and lives.

Ivan Light is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at UCLA. He has written about immigration issues for years, earning expert status in the field of sociology.
The essay published here is from a book manuscript – Entrepreneurs and Capitalism from Luther to Trump by Ivan Light and Leo-Paul Dana – that is currently under review at a University press.

Merrill Ring (MR) after a long career as a professor of philosophy now spends much of his retired years engaged in political work, chiefly with political ideas.