The Institute has been feverishly working to produce its 2011 Forum – the discussion of the Citizens United case and the role of corporate money on the American political process.  For details, see the preceding announcement.  Next time I send new material out, I will be including one or more comments on the results of the discussion at the Forum.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how to make this a political web site where people who are not your usual suspects at writing about politics can contribute their thoughts.  There are so many very good sites and newsletters where experienced commentators produce important pieces of progressive political analysis that I, and the Institute board, do not want to add another one to their number.  We are aiming, in the end, at something more like an intelligent letters to the editor site:  where there is no space or time limitations.  In previous editorial stints, I have learned that so very many people who have things to say are so reluctant to write.  It is becoming more and more obvious to me, that I, as editor, will have to make an even greater effort at getting people to put finger to keyboard.  Stay tuned.

This time around we have the usual suspects, at this site, writing again.  Charles Bayer writes about the need for jobs – Bob Gerecke has a potent little piece proposing how to deal with our banking situation – and Merrill Ring continues his account of the conservative idea that nothing about human work can be changed for the better.