Norman Clark is a British economist (now retired) who has taught at several British universities, has been head of a university in Kenya, has worked for NGO’s and advised governments around the world.

David Depew, a philosopher by training, has recently retired from the University of Iowa.

Bob Gerecke (BG), a retired financial administrator, is a frequent contributor to Progressive Democracy making highly original suggestions about how things might be done differently in our economy and lives.

John Grula writes on matters at the intersection science and politics – he is joined in the current essay by Luis Santilena who, like John is a Pasadena resident

Ivan Light is a Professor Emeritus of Sociology at UCLA writes frequently about America’s addiction to the military.

Henryka Maslowski is a retired mathematics professor, with broad intellectual interests and a very strong progressive way of thinking.

Merrill Ring (MR) retired after a long career as a professor of philosophy spends much of his retired years engaged in political work, chiefly with political ideas.