We are in the midst of (at last) creating a new version of our web site. It will be much better than what we are presently using. But it is not finished yet.

So I will have this new issue of Progressive Democracy posted on a somewhat corrupted version of our existing site – corrupted in the transition to the new site, shifting material from the current site to the new.

As a consequence, I have no idea how the issue will be displayed. I have been told that certain things will be missing: no pictures, no italics….

Nonetheless I will have it put up – and when the new site is finished this issue will appear there in all its beauty.

Despite all that, this issue has a lot of interesting pieces and ideas. I urge readers not to wait until the new polished version is available but to enjoy and learn from the articles, long and short, now posted.

There is one new feature in this issue. Since Progressive Democracy has been in existence since 2011 (the new issue is #35), a lot of good material has already been published. Some readers will not have seen what has been done in the past – others will have forgotten. So I am beginning a new feature: taking excellent pieces from our archives and republishing them. I have included two in this issue: both from 2012. One of them is longer, the other a short Pithy Polemic.. If you have comments on either the practice of including some pieces from the archives or on the ideas expressed in those writings, please write and let me know.