From the Editor

Whether you notice it or not, the fact is that I personally have written less for this issue of Progressive Democracy than normal.  (Of course, that may be a good thing and thereby improves the quality of the current issue.)  The explanation is simple:  I have been writing so much elsewhere that I have been feeling burned out.  The consequence is that I have nothing of much importance to say here in these introductory notes either.

Two of our distinguished guests at the Institute’s quite successful forum on fascism last November, Peter Dreier and Stephen Rohde, have consented to have their papers published in this issue of Progressive DemocracyDreier and Rohde are major figures in the discussion of the authoritarian direction of this country and their papers deserve attention. (Note:  I especially urge you to read and think carefully about the statistics on pages 21-31 of Dreier’s piece.)

The rest of the pieces published here are, as usual, worth thought by leftward thinking Americans.

A last sad note:  another of the Institute’s original board members passed away recently.  Barbara Aswad, a significant anthropologist of Arab affairs, died unexpectedly.  I have included her obituary. It shows the possibility for a life committed to social justice.