Let Gun Owners Belong to a “Well-Ordered Militia”

By Bob Gerecke

 A brilliant possibility that would meet the aim of the Second Amendment (as was intended and is meant by its wording.)

 Could a state pass a law requiring everyone who owns or has access to a firearm to join a National Guard auxiliary?  That should pass muster under the 2nd Amendment, shouldn't it?  How could even a conservative court object to requiring that gun owners be part of a "well ordered militia"?

The state wouldn't have to pay them for being in the auxiliary if they didn't have to attend regular meetings and summer camps like full members of the Guard, but the state could collect information on their guns, even take ballistic tests, and find out how and where the guns are stored.  The state could train them in safe storage.  The Guard might be able to identify individuals who shouldn't be allowed to have guns and could turn that info over to local authorities.  In fact, it could create a database of guns and owners which law enforcement and mental health departments could access.  It could call them up to "active duty" at any time.  This wouldn't be a complete solution to the gun problem, but it would be helpful.

It would be a delightful irony to turn the exact words of the 2nd Amendment to a progressive purpose.  That should give the conservative Justices fits, but they would have a hard time finding it unconstitutional, unless they want to find the military draft unconstitutional!