From the Editor

Of course, Donald Trump – as someone has said, that performer, provocateur and politician – dominates the news: that is his aim. 

He does represent, thought not terribly well, the dark side of the American political force (i.e. he could be much worse, he is not a full-fledged Mussolini). 

And so even in a journal such as this that tries to deal with ideas, we in the (early) Age of Trump are led to spending our time confronting the Other rather than more soberly attempting to work out the best policies on this and that matter. 

The pieces in this issue of Progressive Democracy, even when not explicitly concerned with Trump, nonetheless have him and his supporters and their ideas in the near background.

Probably none of these pieces (mine too of course) shall have a long shelf life.  But despite that they have an important role to play in shaping progressive thoughts about the here and now.  Enjoy them.


Note:  Since the first edition of Leftward Ho! a collection of essays from Progressive Democracy,  had so many typos and such – something for which I have and do apologize – I have produced a Corrected Edition.  That is now available at Amazon books, in both paperback and Kindle editions.  The price is still modest, the content extremely good.