Where are the Conservatives Today?

By Merrill Ring

We mis-identify who is our current Conservatives are

There They Go Again!  It would be a giant stretch to call the healthcare bill considered by the House a conservative measure.  Conservatives are suppose to conserve:  at their best they accept improvements to the community after having carefully considered its (financial) cost and thinking through its impact on maintaining the community. 

The proposed health care bill – which involves the repeal of the ACA and constitutes its replacement – can by no stretch of the imagination constitute a maintenance of the community or a furthering of the well-being of the community:  its non-financial costs are far too high to be that. 

The supporters of the bill are radicals masquerading as conservatives.  It is time for the American media to name them correctly.

The Conservative Governor of California:  When asked about The Healthy California Act (SB 562), a bill that proposes that California have its own single payer health care system, Governor Jerry Brown’s answer was “Where do you get the extra money?  This is the whole question.”

Now that is the answer of a genuine conservative:  the “whole question” has to do with money, with how one pays for a proposed project.  There is no question at all about whether it is a good proposal or a needed project.  There is no point to discussing issues about the excellence of the proposal until the money question is settled.

That is what a true conservative is:  someone who asks of a progressive policy how it is to be paid for.

Asking that question is the function of conservatives in a political system.

So-called conservatives get themselves and the country into serious trouble when they start having ideas themselves.  There are very few real conservatives left running around out there.  But Jerry Brown is one.  

(Well, sometimes he does have non-monetary thoughts, ideas – but we all have our failures.)