Charles Bayer has been a pastor and theological professor in the United States and Australia. He and Wendy live at Pilgrim Place Claremont, CA.  He currently serves on two not-for-profit boards, writes a weekly widely circulated political column, and is a watercolor artist. He is also a former member of a Claremont City committee dealing with hate crimes and hate incidents.

David Depew taught philosophy at California State University, Fullerton and, until his recent retirement, rhetorical studies at the University of Iowa.

John Grula has a PhD in biology with very wide interests.  For nearly 20 years he has been Astronomy Librarian at the Carnegie Observatories in Pasadena.  He writes a column for the Pasadena Weekly on the intersection of science and public policy. He is affiliated with the Southern California Federation of Scientists.

Ivan Light is a Professor of Sociology (Emeritus) at UCLA and is a founding member of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy. He is past President of the International Migration section of the American Sociological Association, a recipient of that group’s career achievement award, and the author of five books about immigration. He has recently published a novel about the sinking of the Lusitania (Deadly Secret of the Lusitania), recounting the British and American propaganda about that sinking which helped cause our entry into the disastrous World War I.

Parkes Riley received his Ph D. from the University of California, Berkeley in 1974. He has taught at several universities in southern California.  His specialties are Comparative Politics, American Politics, Political Theory, and International Politics; he has regional interest in South Asia and Europe.  He is currently finishing a long paper entitled ‘The Practices of an Equal Democracy’: the essay published here, the first of several on democracy, is connected to that paper.

Merrill Ring isProfessor of Philosophy (Emeritus) at California State University, Fullerton – he is a member of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy board and is the editor of Progressive Democracy. He has edited the volume Pithy Progressive PolemicsPolitical Ideas and Criticism from Progressive Democracy 2011-