The Electoral College

By Ivan Light
I published the following in the comments section in the New York Times on December 6, 2016 about an op-ed piece on the 5th:
The electoral college is an archaic and intentionally undemocratic institution. The framers understood it as a barrier to the election of incompetents, demagogues, or both. If it were up to me, the electoral college would have been abolished decades ago. However, the US retained it, and it is now fully appropriate for those elected to it to perform the anti-democratic and elitist function for which the institution was designed. Vote your conscience! The Constitution gives you the authority. It is even your duty under the Constitution to do so.
That position of mine was a minority, to say the least, among the commenters. Most readers were horrified at the idea of sabotaging democracy by admonishing the electoral college members to vote their conscience. But we've got an eighteenth century constitution. That is why Trump is the winner. So let's live out the historical drama.