From the Editor: A Special

From the Editor:  A Special

The American Institute for Progressive Democracy not only produces this quarterly journal but also organizes public forums on political issues of importance.  When possible the presentations at those events are published in a special issue of Progressive Democracy.

We have just conducted another such forum.  The topic of legalizing marijuana has been pushed to the forefront by the inclusion of a proposition (#64) on the California ballot in November.  The recent forum addressed both the general concern about the legalization of what has been for long an illicit drug and the specific concern of what Proposition 64 does or does not accomplish by way of legalization.

The forum consisted for speakers for and against legalization via 64, speakers who are leaders in the battle for and against the proposition.  We then presented experts in four areas of concern:  health, environment, law, and economics.

Char Miller has been kind enough to function as the editor for the special edition.  He has contributed an introduction which is followed by a written version of their presentation by the pro and con speakers and then the experts in the above order.

Following Miller’s introduction are brief notes on the qualifications of the speakers/writers.

One final note:  a video tape of the program has been made and is in the process of being lightly edited and then put up online.  The video will include the interaction between the presenters that followed the individual presentations and then the question and answer period following that.  Those two episodes are well worth viewing.  Notice of where to find the visual material will appear on this site so please check back soon.