From the Editor

With a Presidential election campaign underway and with (some) progressive ideas playing a central role in the Democratic primaries, it is important to remember that issues should be at the forefront of thinking about that election. 

With that in mind it is important to notice that this journal is about progressive ideas.  Our essays and writers do not write about the excitement of the political moment but about the ideas and values that should and often do stand behind the day-to-day minutiae of a campaign.

The name of the institute that sponsors this journal and the journal itself includes not only the word ‘Progressive’ but also the word ‘Democracy’.  We are serious about both notions.  For us democracy does not mean only that everyone has the right to cast a ballot in elections.  Democracy includes also having the right to make your opinions known.  Hence, this journal is not intended to be an academic journal but one which progressives of differing backgrounds can read and learn from but also write for.  We are serious in our claim that you should consider submitting material for Progressive Democracy.

We do expect also that the essays we publish hold to a decent standard of argument and analysis.  But that expectation is part of raising the level of democratic participation.

So please write.

In this issue we have another piece on immigration by Ivan Light, one of the major figures in immigration studies in this country.  However, there are also other topics and writers that can be read with progressive profit, including the very short think pieces we call Pithy Polemics.  So indulge.

Note:  there are some books connected with this journal that should be mentioned (and of course read.)  Ivan Light, holding that our entry into World War was the start of a century of calamities that still afflict us, has cast the story of the event that precipitated us into the war, namely the sinking of the Lusitania, into the form of a novel – Deadly Secret of the Lusitania.  Ask for it at your local bookseller – or try Amazon books.

Andy Winnick, President of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy, has recently published The Impact of Israel’s Founding Myths on the Prospects for a Two-State Solution, a critical examination of what is generally believed about the creation of the state of Israel.  It is available on Amazon books.  Finally, having mentioned Pithy Polemics above, there is a selection of the very best of those short essays, Pithy Progressive Polemics, edited by Merrill Ring and available also at Amazon books.  Readers of this journal should call attention to these works to their friends (and of course also to Progressive Democracy itself.)