Shall the State Wither or Drown?
I receive quite a few excellent progressive news letters, both email and print.  Most of them, from a reader’s point of view, simply have too much material to read and especially to absorb.  So some pieces, no doubt valuable ones, get passed over and much of what is read is too quickly forgotten.

The TAIPD web site is attempting to run counter to the comprehensiveness of those other sites and newsletters.  I, as editor, try to restrain myself from putting up, at the same time, too much.  I end up with good material on my ‘desk’ but prefer to have it sit there waiting its turn.  I aim at less new matter for the reader at any one bite hoping that the typical reader will take the time to think about what they have just read rather than racing off to the next piece and the next….

For this posting on the site, a new kind of ‘article’ is being introduced: a slide show.  Instead of a piece of prose, the material – on higher education in the state of California and its decline thanks to failure to pay what is necessary to maintain the world-class system created in 1960 – is a sequence of internet ‘slides’.  It is both informative and easy to consume.

I am also putting up a major piece by a TAIPD author: a significant review (created for a European audience) of what the Tea Party Movement is and is about.  There is also a continuation of the analysis of the very conservative Ant and the Grasshopper fable.

The planning for TAIPD’s big fall (September) conference on the Citizen’s United decision is moving along.  We will be co-sponsoring it with the Claremont Graduate University.   So far we have speaking commitments from what think will be two-thirds of our panel:  Erwin Chermerinsky, Dean of the UC Irvine Law School, and Bob Edgar, head of Common Cause.  As the details become ironed out, they will be first announced here on the TAIPD web site.