The American Institute for Progressive Democracy (TAIPD) began by thinking that its major projects would be conferences:  we would organize and conduct meetings on major political issues.  There might be publications and actions issuing from those conferences, but the meetings themselves would be our central projects.

It did not take us long, however, to realize that setting up and running such meetings took a lot of time, effort and money.  It became apparent that we members of the institute are all busy people and moreover do not have the wealth of the conservatives to hire a permanent staff to do the work of organizing conferences and raising money.

We therefore had to cast about for a new way of doing what we wanted to do: to provide a progressive voice, especially on the West Coast, to counter the preponderance of conservative organizations and their ability to influence public debate.  After considerable discussion we came to the rather obvious conclusion that what we need to do is to try to influence that debate by working through the Internet rather than through actual meetings.

Hence, this wholly refurbished web site.

The aim will be to publish here interesting and informative pieces on political topics, essays  of various lengths and writing styles on a variety of topics relevant to the development of a genuine progressive democracy in this country.  These writings will be chiefly by members of the Institute’s board, though as we progress we may well call on outsiders to add their voices to our work.

To accomplish our ends via this web site, we must attract an audience: it does small good to have one’s words float off into the void.  We have thought of ways of calling attention to our work.  But the first way is simple:  readers need to inform their friends and contacts that the site does publish valuable essays (and such) and that they should become regular readers.

Not that we are giving up on presenting public meetings:  we have a major one coming up in September.  (The official announcement shall be soon.)