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 April-June 2013 - Issue #18

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It has been two months since we shut Progressive Democracy down for remodeling. It was hoped then that the new version would be ready to roll at the beginning of May. We’ve made it that far and… the project is not yet done. Hence what we have here this month is an intermediate stage (the caterpillar on its way to becoming a butterfly).
I and the board have agreed on some things: that the site needs to be beautified, made more attractive. The details of that aren’t yet settled. So what you find here has the original appearance. More importantly, we need a more constant stream of essays: it was simply too difficult for me to keep acquiring an adequate submission rate of good analyses of progressive ideas. Part of the solution to that problem is that we decided to move to a quarterly publication schedule. Still there are problems about the quantity of papers submitted for publication. We, the board and I, are working on that – that is the major remodeling issue that has not been fully solved as yet.
So as to keep ourselves before our devoted reading public, I have decided to not just publish this status comment, but to include some essays that have become available in the preceding two months. Further, I have decided to print some of the excellent very short pieces from early days of the journal that may have escaped readers’ attention.
Along with those of those pithy pieces, there is an essay on guns in American hands by Charles Bayer, an essay about the effectiveness of regulatory liberalism using Southern California Edison and the California Public Utilities Commission as a test case by John Grula and a reflection on the possibility of reforming our capitalist system for the common good given the power of money in our political world (by Bob Gerecke.)
We also featuring the poems of Wanda D. Campbell from Kentucky, Olimbi Velaj from Albania, and Mzwandile Matiwana from South Africa.
A last note: if any of you have anything you want to say in the leftish tradition, send it along to me. It may well find a good home.