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February 2013 - Issue #18

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This month we are publishing a single article – of course the Pithy Polemics are still here – a major and somewhat longish article to be sure.  It is an analysis of the 2012 elections in the U.S., the most comprehensive account of those elections that I think will be found anywhere.  If you want a full-blooded picture of who did what in the voting booth and in campaigning, read Andy Winnick’s piece here (since you probably won’t be reading it later when it appears in Dutch and French in Europe.)

With the Sandy Hook shootings and President Obama’s determination to achieve significant gun regulation in this country and the usual NRA outpourings in favor of gun laissez faire, thoughts about guns and the Constitution are a hot new topic of political thought.  In consequence, several of the Pithy Polemics published this month have to do with those matters.

Incidentally, the Institute is continuing to work with Common Cause and United 4 the People on getting the vast sums of money, and the resulting distortion of American politics, unleashed by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision under  control.  I hope to have a piece summarizing the current situation published here before long.