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Quarterly Journal of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy #34

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Quarterly Journal of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy


March - May 2018 Issue 34

"Placing or counting shells"

Date Created: 1907 - 1933 (Approximate)

By Lewis Wickes Hine

From the Editor

Whether you notice it or not, the fact is that I personally have written less for this issue of Progressive Democracy than normal.  (Of course, that may be a good thing and thereby improves the quality of the current issue.)  The explanation is simple:  I have been writing so much elsewhere that I have been feeling burned out.  The consequence is that I have nothing of much importance to say here in these introductory notes either.

Barbara Aswad: Mother, Social Justice Advocate, Professor

Barbara Aswad, professor emeritus of anthropology at Wayne State University and tireless advocate for immigrants and low-income Americans, died on November 30, 2017 after a brief illness. She was 80 years old.

Notes on Contributors


Charles Bayer has been a pastor and theological professor in the United States and Australia. He and Wendy live at Pilgrim Place Claremont, CA.  He currently serves on two not-for-profit boards, writes a weekly widely circulated political column, and is a watercolor artist. He is also a former member of a Claremont City committee dealing with hate crimes and hate incidents.

Presidential Power Versus a Free Press

By Stephen Rohde

Rohde, a constitutional scholar, sets out how through U.S. history, there has been a series of conflicts between administrations and a free press.  And how do things stand now under the current administration?

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A Classic Bait and Switch: Trump’s and the Congressional Republican’s Economic Subterfuge

By Andrew Winnick

The recent tax change bill must be understood to be not a standalone piece of conservative legislation but is part of a larger project the aim of which is the conservatives long-sought dream of smashing Social Security and Medicare.  Winnick lays out the entire project fully and clearly.

Jesus Holds a Press Conference

By Bill Meulemans

Though the media obscure the fact, the American Christian community is split into two broad wings:  call them the authoritarian and the liberal.  Meulemans’ piece is a cry from the liberal wing.

Two Tax Proposals

By Bob Gerecke

Our thoughts about taxes are stuck in a rut.  Gerecke provides fresh possibilities.

(1) Reduce Taxation of Low-Income Workers

Taking a Knee: Respect and Patriotism

By Merrill Ring

A well-known California political columnist criticized Colin Kaepernick and other sports figures for taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem.  This was my response to him.

Love Competition – Perhaps a Bit Too Much

By Charles Bayer

How do we, America, balance a normal need to compete and excel with the need to cooperate with the rest of the world?  We have not found the balance.

Heat Waves, Wildfires and Carbon Emissions Contribute to More ‘Bad Air’ Days

By John Grula 

Why is air pollution returning to Southern California (and, if the EPA has anything to do with it, elsewhere)?  It is becoming clear that only a thorough commitment to ridding the country of fossil fuels is going to eliminating smog.

Submission Guidelines

Having developed far enough to expand our ‘stable’ of writers to those not on the TAIPD board or connected thereto and so to ask others to submit appropriate material for publication here, it is important to develop and explain guidelines.

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