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Garland “Gar” Byrum (1945-2017)

Garland “Gar” Byrum (1945-2017)

Some men see things as they are and ask why. Others dream things that never were and ask why not?”   — Robert F. Kennedy   

    With great sadness, we report the death of Garland “Gar” Byrum on 14 October 2017. This is a huge loss. Gar was passionate about politics, history, and justice.  He had a huge knowledge of and reverence for the US Constitution. He knew the Federalist Papers backwards and forwards, and could explain why Donald Trump was James Madison’s worst nightmare.  A long-term political activist, Gar was on the Board of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy (taipd.org), where he was currently serving as Secretary.  He was past president of the Democratic Club of Claremont and was currently Vice President.  Through his friendship with Celina Lew, Gar sparked the creation of The Cañada Crescenta Democratic Club in 2005. He had been speaker chair for that club as well as for the DCC.  Gar had also worked on campaigns of other candidates, masterminding several in the Claremont area.

        Gar Byrum started a blog in 2013. He called it, “Politics from the Middle.” The website recently registered 25,000 hits. His last entry was about "Taking the Knee" in the NFL. He posted it on Oct. 12, 2017. He passed away while doing what he loved best, working on another entry to his blog.

Quarterly Journal of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy: August - October 2017 Issue 32

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Quarterly Journal of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy


August - October 2017 Issue 32

Construction worker maneuvering rope and pulley, Ellis Island 1931

By Lewis Wickes Hine

Evaluating Donald Trump’s Business Career

by Ivan Light

Donald Trump’s electoral college victory for the presidency was deeply influenced by the idea that he is rich far beyond normal American hope and that he acquired that wealth by being a successful businessman.  The record shows that it was not in busi

Insurance Costs and Progressive Tears for Mr. Zupan

By Merrill Ring

Some people have had huge rates increases under the ACA.  And they blame the act for that.  Is that blame justified?  Here is the analysis of one person’s rate increase.

The Inter-Related Economic Impacts of Trump’s and the Congressional Republicans’ Proposals

By Andy Winnick

The various economic proposals that Trump and his Congressional friends are floating are not just a willy-nilly collection of ideas:  they are connected and are expressions of a specific ideological perspective.  This piece surveys those matters  individually and collectively.

Liberal Morality

By Bill Meulemans

Some basic differences between liberals and conservatives derive from their differing conceptions of morality – a difference that comes out clearly in a simulation game led by the author.

Being Responsible

by Merrill Ring

The right’s idea that being responsible means rejecting government is misguided because it builds into the concept of responsibility for oneself extraneous notions, ideas that are ideological and not at all uplifting.

Pithy Polemics

(1) Political Struggles (BG)

The political left sees politics as a vertical struggle between high-income and lower-income people.  The political right sees it as a horizontal struggle between nations, religions, cultures, ethnicities and races. 

Single Payer and Fee for Service

By Bob Gerecke

To have a good health insurance system it is not sufficient simply to go to single payer.  The payment method to providers must also be changed from fee-for-service – which raises health care costs and thus harms the insurance system – to a method of monthly payment for each of the provider’s patients.

Middle-Class Flatline

By Roger Niesen

We were not told that World Peace – at least the end of the Cold War – would produce globalization and its consequences for American life.  But that ‘peace dividend’, along with some other factors, did just that.  Sadly, we thought we could have it all.

Replacing Fossil Fuels by a Different Kind of Nuclear Reactor

by Robert Wolf
We use uranium in our electricity producing nuclear plants because it is connected to our need for atomic bombs. We could be building other types of nuclear plants that are greatly safer and less costly than the reactors we use now.

Climate Skeptics, Deniers and Science

By Merrill Ring

Rejecting science cannot be done outside a religious context.   Denial of climate change without evidence requires fundamentalist religion.

Does Size Really Matter?

By Charles Bayer

Will further enlarging our gigantic military machine, as the President and Congressional Republicans want, make us and the world safer?  Will it help make America Great Again?  Only if you think that bigger is better. 

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