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Quarterly Journal of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy: Feb – Apr 2017 Issue 30

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Quarterly Journal of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy


Feb 2017 – Apr 2017  Issue 30

Newsboy asleep on stairs with papers. Jersey City, New Jersey.

By Lewis Wickes Hine

From the Editor




The Electoral College

By Ivan Light
I published the following in the comments section in the New York Times on December 6, 2016 about an op-ed piece on the 5th:

Reaching Toward Greatness


By Charles Bayer

If we are to be great, we must know what greatness in a nation means?  Do we?  Have we thought about it?

Notes on Democracy: Why Should We Worry?

By Parkes Riley

Democracy is of course always endangered everywhere, but what forces seem especially to be working against it in the United States?

Trumpery Through the Eyes of Escapees from Hitler

By David J. Depew

Are we reliving what Plato saw as the transformation of populist demagogues into dictators by means of rhetoric?  Must we avoid the comparison between Trump and Hitler?

What is Political Correctness Today?

By Ivan Light

The notion of political correctness played a large role in the recent election.  But just what is it?  What use is being made of it?

Dance with the One Who Brought You

By Charles Bayer

Oil and Earthquakes

By John Grula

The fossil fuel industry thinks that their good times will be returning.  But what would be the costs?  For some forms of fossil fuel, it will be an increase in earthquakes, destructive earthquakes.

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