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Quarterly Journal of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy: May - July 2017 Issue 31

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Quarterly Journal of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy


May - July 2017 Issue 31

Italian family looking for lost baggage, Ellis Island 1904

By Lewis Wickes Hine

From the Editor

Of course, Donald Trump – as someone has said, that performer, provocateur and politician – dominates the news: that is his aim. 



Sanctuary Cities and States: The Only Legal Choice

By Ivan Light

Let the Feds (under Trump) pursue and pay for their own projects:  other jurisdictions have no legal authority to enforce Federal law.

Health Care

By Charles Bayer

The real Trumpcare (only if)

None Dare Call it Treason?

By John C. Forney

Is not the evidence piling up that our new administration has ties to foreign powers must be investigated under the heading of possible treason?

Conceptions of America

By Merrill Ring

What the recent election and the consequence demonstrations are about is differing conceptions of the nature of the country.

Internal Strangers and Democracy

By Julia Sushytska

Sushytska argues that democracy needs the ‘internal stranger’, someone not of the culture who has chosen to live in it.  (She is herself an internal stranger, having been born in Ukraine but having come to live in the U.S.)  In short, her argument is that without immigrants and without interacting with them, a democracy makes itself homogeneous and turns into a closed tyrannical state.

How to Tax

By Bob Gerecke

The State of California experiences significant revenue fluctuations because it relies heavily on taxes paid by the wealthy, but the amount of those taxes is not stable, is dependent upon the ups and downs of the economy, leaving the state with periods when revenue does not meet needs.  How should that roller-coaster effect be flattened out?  Bob Gerecke rejects a prominent solution and offers a much more just set of measures.

Where are the Conservatives Today?

By Merrill Ring

We mis-identify who is our current Conservatives are


By Merrill Ring

Does freedom really outweigh every other consideration?

Submission Guidelines

Having developed far enough to expand our ‘stable’ of writers to those not on the TAIPD board or connected thereto and so to ask others to submit appropriate material for publication here, it is important to develop and explain guidelines.

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