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Quarterly Journal of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy: Issue #37

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Quarterly Journal of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy


December 2018 - February 2019 Issue 37

By Lewis Wickes Hine

Donald Trump: A Narcissist in Narcissistic America

Donald Trump’s well-documented narcissism turns out to fit into a pattern of increased cultural narcissism: part of his entertainment and success is to be explained by the larger pattern. But he also explicitly exploited that feature of his personality in order to achieve a connection to his audience.

Immigration, Culture and Race

The backlash against our immigration policy, against the racial and cultural diversity that marks the U.S. today, against the slow crumbling of traditional religion, of male dominance and of the belief that sexuality takes only one legitimate form is a significant feature of our lives. The Trump Administration has pushed the idea of white supremacy, of white nationalism, into full public view. Progressives are against that – but exactly what are we for? That issue is explored here by means of the examination of three different positions that originated early in the previous century and the possibilities of which continue today.

From the Archives: The Great Christian Religious Divide (Issue #6) and Creating Fundamentalist Politics: Fundamentalist Religion (Issue #21)

The idea, maintained by constant media repetition, that the dominant religion in this country is by its very nature politically conservative is (and always has been) a piece of conservative fiction.

The conception of god for liberal Christians (and others) is not at all that of fundamentalist Christians (and others) – and therein are political differences.

Realignment: Reducing Mass Incarceration and Public Safety: Evidence From California

California has entered (not entirely voluntarily) an era of prison reform. It stoutly resisted by (most) law enforcement organizations. How well is it working? The essay below is a thorough investigation of how things now stand: and the results show that public safety is not being harmed by the reforms.


“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” (MR)
We Own the Caravan (BG)
Boys Will Be Boys (MR)

Is it Equality or Equity?

By Merrill Ring

There is a recent word floating around political discourse: equity. The idea that it means something other than the good old fashioned American dream of equality is mistaken. It is inequality that harms us and the ideal is equality.

The Ways My World Has Changed

So much of what an older generation of Americans were familiar with has changed. That presents two problems: there is a strong generational disconnect and the huge urban-rural political conflict in our times is significantly connected to the fact that the rural way of life has not changed as much as has the urban.


1) Racism and Intolerance (IL)
2)  Whose Job are We Imagining Being Lost? (MR)

Barbara Aswad: Mother, Social Justice Advocate, Professor

Barbara Aswad, professor emeritus of anthropology at Wayne State University and tireless advocate for immigrants and low-income Americans, died on November 30, 2017 after a brief illness. She was 80 years old.

Submission Guidelines

Having developed far enough to expand our ‘stable’ of writers to those not on the TAIPD board or connected thereto and so to ask others to submit appropriate material for publication here, it is important to develop and explain guidelines.

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